This page is here so EVERYONE can see where dogs & puppies are raised at Schneeberg.
Our Dog's ARE NOT locked away in Kennels as many would like to say, they are there for the protection and safety of our much loved family members.
Our Kennels are Situated at Silverdale - 25 min's From Penrith and Camden.
We Have a kennel complex consisting of 8 runs.Each run consists of sleeping area fully enclosed for warmth and security, a small exercise yard (5mx3m) attached to the sleeping area. This is used when the weather is raining and also extreme heat. The third section of the run is 5m x 28m used for free running exercise.All areas can be used as one or can be closed by gates, allowing 1-2 or all 3 areas to be used.
There are 2 whelping areas that will house bitches ready to whelp puppies and can stay there until ready to be separated.
We also have 2 Puppy areas 1 close to the house enclosed for small puppies or convalescing older animals.The other area is an area allowing puppies room to run and play with security.
Also on our property we have a large dam all the dogs use in summer to cool off or just have fun.

Small Yards
Long Yards
Kennel Front
Kennel Front
Side Of Kennel
Side of Kennel